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Welcome to Starlight ROGUE!

Hello and welcome to Starlight ROGUE, I hope you are doing well in the beautiful Earth we live in.

My name is Leon Fresh, the developer and designer behind this game. I have been working approximately 5 months on this so far. I was also hardcore and competitive gamer, scoring more than 95% percentile in rank on a lot of online competitive games out there.

A little backstory, I had never have imagined this game would come so far. I had never knew anything about C# or Unity3D (Game Engine) few months ago, but through hard work and dedication, I was able to learn so much in a short period of time.

I had started game development as a kid growing up. Being the hardcore gamer that I was, I did not want my gaming experience to go wasted and so I created my own mods just for fun. Little did I know that they would be viral and almost everyone in the server would play them. The most popular ones I made were called “Cloaked Cannon Defense” (Starcraft), “Multiple Missile TD” (Warcraft 3).

It was an amazing feeling, almost as if I were a God and I was co-creating my own universe for people to enjoy, never have I felt such passion and excitement, and this feeling continues to this very day.

So instinctively and intuitively, it’s always been my calling to pursue Game Development, I just sidetracked a little bit and did Graphic Design / Web Development for the majority of my professional career. I have 3-4 years of professional experience doing that and this is my portfolio: http://leonfresh.com

What I imagine this project to be is I guess you could say, the embodiment of my perfectionist nature. Even being my first “real” game, I’ll use everything I learnt from playing games and the design industry to really make something both innovative and magical.

Thank you for reading and wish you all the best!